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by yancy zhu 29 Jan 2021 0 Comments

Your Paddle board is your cherished treasure, you want to live as long and beautiful life with your lovely board as possible.

Even though We have enough confidence that freein SUP are all extremely durable and rugged

They still require a bit of love and consideration from you. and the proper maintenance also can make your SUP experience smoother and therefore more enjoyable.

Here are a few things you should NOT DO if you want to extend that enjoyment.

Expose your board to the sunlight for a long time

Most paddlers will love to spend the day at a beach or lake on a sunny day.

It’s ok that using your board under the clear sun.

However, be careful that the longtime direct sunlight can decolor the board and damage the service life, the UV rays will fade the pretty colors on your board, Extreme heat and fluctuating temperatures can also take their toll, once you’re not using it best to deflate your board and store it someplace where it won’t be in direct sunlight.

DON’T paddle in shallow or rocky waters

It’s critical to always be aware of the area you’re in when you’re paddling, for you and your board's safety.

Paddling in extremely shallow water can lead to damage to the bottom of the board, Even make the fin break.

Try to get in and out of the water through the dock to avoid the shallows.

Once you notice you’re getting into the shallows, hop off your board and wade into shore to keep your board and fins in great shape over the long haul.

Not cleaning your board after paddling

After you finish a paddleboarding, it’s important to clean your board in time.

So It’s great paddling habits to clean your board after you use it in muddy or salty waters. Because the abrasive elements like dirt, salt, and sand, can cause undue wear and tear to your SUP.

Especially when long-term storage is required, cleaning would keep the mildew and bacteria that make for unpleasant smells and gradually eat away at your board from your board.

We would recommend using an all-purpose cleaner or soup for cleaning your paddleboard.

DON’T drag your board.

This may seem obvious, but you’ll see many people doing it.

Even the surface of freein board was reinforced, they are still afraid of sharp objects.

DO Not Drag your board in and out of the water regardless of the terrain.

Even you may think it’s “smooth sand” or some “soft grass”, THERE COULD BE gravel, rocks, debris that may scratch or scuffed your board hidden in it.

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