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Best SUP for your next fishing

by yancy zhu 02 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Fishing is typically a relaxing activity, and paddleboarding an emerging workout

Ever since stand-up paddleboarding was created, Anglers have adopted them to make their fishing more exciting and productive. 

It's a brand-new way of fishing that you should try if you haven't. If you love fishing and just learned how to paddle board, be sure to give SUP fishing a shot.


What is great about SUP fishing is that it provides a height advantage once you are standing on the SUP board. In other words, you have the opportunity to look down in places where fish are hiding. Plus, you can approach these hiding spots on a paddle board more quietly than on a boat.


Now, with so many paddle boards on the market, you may be wondering exactly which one will give you the best experience and stability.

If you’re still deciding if a fishing SUP is for you?

Let’s go through the features, pros, cons of freein brand-new fishing SUP.


In addition to being a great workout, fishing on a paddleboard allows you to access fishing spots that you wouldn't have with a boat. SUP boards for fishing are also easier to carry and it is easier to see the fish while standing than sitting. 

Freein fishing SUP offers smooth, easy, and straight paddling in the water, it will meet the rider’s requirements for maneuverability.

Big Storage Space

The 33’’ width and 6’’ thickness not only provides plenty of stability even in moderate chop, but also providing space to spread your gear out on, Freein fishing SUPs is equipped with a 6 points expandable bungee system on both the head and the tail of the SUP, it genuinely provides ample space for all of your fishing gear like sunglasses, camera, vital life vest, and fishing accessories.

Fishing rod holder

One of the most relaxing fishing accessories in the SUP fishing kit is a fishing rod holder. The fishing rod holders are a great way to keep your rod secure when you’re paddling to your favorite fishing spot, but they shine when your line is in the water and you’re waiting for a bite. Most offer a universal cradle that will fit any standard rod. Pay special attention to a fishing rod holder that features a durable, front-locking ring to keep your rod from jumping into the water when your catch of the day bites.

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